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 Apple Tech Help Clinic
 1:00pm, 10/7/2022 
 Apple Tech Help Clinic  1:00pm, 10/14/2022 
 Basic Home Networking, Printers and Routers  11:00am, 10/31/2022
 Beginning Genealogy Using Family Search and Find a Grave  9:00am, 10/18/2022
 Cutting the TV Cord: Best Streaming Options  9:00am, 11/1/2022 
 Cutting the TV Cord: follow up small group discussion  9:00am, 11/4/2022
 Cutting the TV Cord: follow up small group discussion  9:00am, 11/9/2022
 GMAIL Contacts  9:00am, 10/10/2022
 GMAIL Mail  9:00am, 10/3/2022 
 Independent Travel - Your Way! It’s Easier Than You Think  9:00am, 10/20/2022
 Introduction to PC’s (Windows 10)  9:00am, 9/27/2022
 Keychain Password Manager  1:00pm: 9/9/2022 
 LibreOffice Calc Basics  9:00am, 11/7/2022
 LibreOffice Writer Basics  9:00am, 10/24/2022 
 Portable Apps  11:00am, 11/7/2022
 PowerPoint Audio & Video  9:00am, 12/5/2022 
 PowerPoint Presentation Fundamentals  9:00am, 11/21/2022
 PowerPoint Transitions & Animations  9:00am, 11/28/2022
 Take Control of Notes on you iPhone/iPad  9:00am, 11/19/2022 
 Tech Help Clinic  11:00am, 10/25/2022 
 Tech Help Clinic  11:00am, 11/8/2022
 Tech Help Clinic  11:00am, 11/22/2022
 Tech Help Clinic  11:00am, 12/6/2022
 Tech Help Clinic  11:00am, 12/20/2022
 Tools for Safe and Secure Browsing  11:00am, 10/17/2022 
 Users Group Meeting  1:00pm, 10/24/2022 
 Users Group Meeting  1:00pm, 11/21/2022
 What's New in iOS 16 for iPhone and iPad  9:00am, 10/11/2022
 Windows 10 Basics: Working with Files & Folders  11:00, 9/27/2022
 Windows 10: Personalizing Your Windows Desktop  9:00am, 10/4/2022
 Windows PC Security & Maintenance  11:00am, 10/4/2022