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New Express Class Scheduler for Instructors

Published on 11/10/2018
INSTRUCTORS: For classes you give periodically where no details change, you can now use the "Schedule Course - Express Form."

The "Schedule Course - Express Form" is much faster and easier for you to complete. All you have to do is identify the course and put in the new date(s) and time(s) where indicated. The balance of the information will be copied from the previous time (see note) you scheduled this course.

NOTE: Because of a recent change in calendar software, this form applies ONLY to courses you have scheduled at least once AFTER 10/1/2018. Prior to that time, we have no record to copy from.

To take advantage of EXPRESS scheduling for classes you give routinely, be sure to make your initial entries on the Long Form (including long description) "evergreen." That is, DO NOT enter anything in a field that will make the course details obsolete the next time you schedule. DO NOT put things like dates and times in the description field. Keeping your course description "evergreen" will allow you to use the "Schedule Course - Express" form for future schedulings.

If you are a club instructor and logged in, you can access the Schedule Course forms here ...